A Whirlwind of Colour

A Whirlwind of Colour

Ruby lips capture his gaze,

Blush pink cheeks set his passion ablaze,

But the honeymoon period soon fades to grey,

He can no longer keep his darkness at bay,

Blackened with rage, his eyes see red,

Blood on his hands, a heart left for dead.

Her face like slate, a neutral expression,

The light has gone, replaced with depression.

Eyes that once sparkled with dancing gold flecks,

Now black and empty like ghostly shipwrecks.

Grey turns to blue as time moves on,

The stony expression, finally gone,

Replaced by sadness, an indigo soul,

Her eyes, a picture of pain untold.

But brighter becomes her state of blue, 

As the light blue sky uplifts her mood,

And the turquoise sea brings a sense of ease,

And the navy night sky, a calming peace.

The years go by and she’s a rainbow again,

A mixture of happiness, contentment, sadness and pain,

The cracks that once perforated her heart,

Filled with gold and silver, like Japanese art.

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