I thought about beauty and what it means to me.

For a while, I thought beauty was something you can see, and feel.

It was visible, real, easy to spot.

I thought it was people’s faces that held the most beauty.

With time, I’ve started to learn that we are so much more.

I see it in the souls of the people around me.

The way their eyes twinkle when they talk about something they love.

The way they care for the people who mean the most to them.

The standards they hold themselves to.

The kindness they show others.

Beautiful people do not have perfect skin, perfect hair or perfect bodies.

They’re much more than what we see on the surface.

They have a wildfire inside of them,

impulsiveness mixed with carefulness,

a light that can brighten the day of anyone who needs to be led out of the dark.

You cannot measure these things,

they cannot be born from anything, beauty just is.

It’s pure and personal and everything and nothing all at once.

Beauty is yours to decide what it is, and yours alone.

Aleeza Ajaz

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