Children of Paradise

Children of Paradise

Photo credit: Motaz Azaiza, 19th Oct 2023, Gaza, Palestine

Children of Paradise

To the children who have lost their lives in an undeserving war that rages on. May you be granted peace and paradise and re-unite with your loved ones.


Fate holds on a string;

Undisturbed, uncut.

The pen continues to write

on the sheet,

a record of one’s fate

in their existence

But the string can fray

and, eventually, it snaps.

No longer does the pen lift,

leaving the ink to dry


You were just a child

of an undeserved punishment

that you did not deserve.

And your eyes witnessed

the bloodshed that took everything

away from your grasp

            Maybe, that’s why fate was kind to you

Your death, a record kept

where you stand trial against

the oppressors

that took everything you had left

            But, for now,

you may rest,

no longer needing to worry

of being next

from the bloodshed

            Maybe, fate had other ideas

            To cover your pure eyes and mind

of the war that had led

to your demise

About the author:

Going by her pseudonym, Zarrin is an aspiring writer, who’s interests revolves around poetry, short stories and articles. Zarrin used her work to amplify voices as well as offering perspective to make sense of the world. When she is not writing, she is either baking or scrolling aesthetic beach pictures to plan her next getaway. You can find Zarrin on her TikTok @zarreads_, where she posts book and writing related content. Currently, she is working on her debut poetry book.

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