My Journey: Highlighting the Way to Becoming a Makeup Artist

My Journey: Highlighting the Way to Becoming a Makeup Artist

Hello CakeFaces!

I’m Merium Bhuiyan, the founder and CEO of CakeFace Makeup, and I’m excited to share my colourful journey with you. If you’re dreaming of becoming a makeup artist and leaving your creative mark on the world, let me guide you through the steps that shaped my career.

  1. Embrace Education:

First things first – education is your foundation. I kicked off my creative journey with some makeup training, which opened doors to a broader outlook on my craft. Look for beauty programmes or specialised makeup courses that align with your passion (I did Special Occasion Makeup at London College of Fashion). It’s not just about applying makeup; it’s about understanding the artistry behind it.

2. Fuel Your Passion:

Makeup isn’t just a job; it’s a passion that sets your soul alight. Dive into experimenting with different styles, techniques, and products. I spend my spare time getting involved in local theatre and creative arts projects since that’s where the magic happens for me. Let your passion drive you and elevate your skills.

3. Engage with Your Community:

Being a makeup artist is more than creating some sparkling looks; it’s about connecting with people. Follow my lead and engage with your community. I wear multiple hats as Vice Chair of my local interfaith forum and Trustee of my local mosque. Participate in community initiatives, build a network, and use your skills to make a positive impact.

4. Confidence-Building Workshops:

At CakeFace Makeup, we’re all about boosting confidence. Consider organising workshops and events to share your expertise. It’s not just about teaching makeup techniques; it’s about empowering everyone through the transformative power of makeup. Confidence is the ultimate beauty enhancer!

5. Diversify Your Skills:

Why limit yourself to just one avenue? I’ve taken on roles in consulting, leading, and directing various projects beyond makeup. Explore festival makeup, collaborate with charities, and contribute to youth projects. Diversify your skills to stand out in this dynamic industry.

6. Envision the Future:

Dream big! I’m eyeing a PhD and consultancy. As a makeup artist, you have the potential to be a voice in broader societal conversations. Envision your long-term goals and position yourself not just as an artist but as a positive influence shaping the future.

So there you have it – my personal roadmap to becoming a makeup artist. Remember, it’s not just about the makeup; it’s about the journey, the passion, and the connections you make along the way. Let your creativity shine, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspiring the next generation of makeup artists!

About the author:

Merium Bhuiyan is the founder and CEO of CakeFace Makeup, a makeup services company that champions confidence building through workshops and events sharing expertise. Merium holds a Masters in Education and is interested in inclusion and social mobility. She advises on several boards and committees in the community and utilises her roles as Vice Chair of Islington Faiths Forum and Trustee of Holloway Educational and Cultural Centre to speak publicly on a variety of issues, including hate crime and youth violence. In her spare time Merium is involved with her local theatre and contributes to a variety of creative arts projects. Merium’s skills include consulting, leading and directing on a variety of enterprises including festivals, charities and youth projects, and aims to complete a PhD and advise on education at governmental level in the future.  

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