The Sound

Clambering, weak, unsteady breath

Ashen toes on purloined ground

frantic confusion, a distant hum

“can you hear that sound?”

The honking of horns, a mother’s cry

Rushing bodies all around

blood soaked clothes, fragmented bones

“It’s louder now that sound”

Weak last gasp of the days dying light

No time to turn around 

Barefoot, debris piercing flesh

“Daddy, I still hear that sound!”

Feet have reached the south now

Promised safety to be found 

though smoke still fills the air here

“can you not hear that sound?

It’s too hard to ignore it now

You collapse betrayed aground

displaced, starving bodies scream out

“Why do we still hear that sound!”

This is it, you’ve realised 

Now to your Lord you’re bound 

you grab your screaming son and say

“Don’t be scared of that sou……”

Clambering, weak, unsteady breath

returning bodies to the ground 

an orphaned child, a distant hum

“Why won’t it stop that sound?”

About the author:

I’m Asmahan, revert from UK! Social justice, humanitarianism and my faith is very important to me. I have a very strong sense of justice and care deeply about those struggling and since becoming Muslim, this has aligned deeply in my strive to do good for humanity. My writing has changed a lot since I became Muslim, and I am still trying to find my new voice but I am hoping In’Shaa’Allāh that sharing my pieces, I am able to do so! 

Photo by Motaz Azaiza

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