God is Love

Photo by eberhard grossgasteiger

I do not think people understand

How much Allah really loves us

He would forgive you even if your sins reached the sky

He loves you 90 times more than your own mother

If you take one step to Him

He will take tens steps towards you

Walk towards Him

He will run to you

To every cry

He will answer a hundred times

‘I am here’

He is closer to you than your jugular vein

He is the heartbeat of all that lives

That is

In you and I 

All around

There is love and forgiveness

Seeping through it all

Once you understand this

You will realise

That you are never alone

That fear does not live here anymore

The author:
Nasha Solim is a pharmacist and writer working in London. Nasha was previously a music journalist and worked as a youth worker with disadvantaged young people in London. She is the child of Bengali immigrants and a first-generation Brit, born and raised in London. She is an avid traveller. Nasha is a social activist passionate about social change, politics and equity. She currently resides in her birthplace.

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