The Cold War

Darkness descended where the sun once shone,

The love he once held for her had gone.

The eyes that were once so tender and kind, 

Were now hardened and dark; he paid no mind

To her tears, her begging, her desire to fix

And rebuild their house with stronger bricks.

He chose, instead, to burn it down,

To demolish it completely, without a sound, 

A Cold War, for months he tortured her with silence,

Until there came a day when he resorted to violence,

She couldn’t understand how they’d arrived at this,

When she still held fond memories of their first kiss,

The time they’d spent, the laughs they’d had,

The adventures they’d been on, when did it go bad?

Nothing to be done, he had crossed the line, 

And although her heart was still entwined

She knew what to do, she knew better than to stay.

Time to be brave, time to break away.

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